Oahu Top Private Schools

We have information and links to most of the Oahu Schools on our Hawaii real estate site. You can find more information about schools and city information on National Relocation.

Some of the best private schools in the nation are on Oahu. Iolani school is known for its academic excellence. It wins awards every year for its students achievements. Punahou is another great private school and known nationally by many of the great colleges and its students are recruited heavily as well.

These are definately the top two private schools on Oahu and in the state of Hawaii.

7 thoughts on “Oahu Top Private Schools”

  1. one of the best independent schools in Hawaii is Island Pacific Academy. I have 2 kids attending this fine institution and recommend it to anyone in Hawaii or relocating to Hawaii.

  2. Well joe it is a beatiful place here. But not all the time were working in paradise. Inless you go to Cinnamos Resturant in Kailua Oahu and try there Red Velvet Pancakes or there Guava Chiffon Pancakes. YUM! MMM! YUM!

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